Retro-Goodness: Re-launch of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum?

Now this is great news:

“An all-new version of classic gaming device the ZX Spectrum is being readied for release.

The hardware is reportedly being created by games developer Elite Systems Ltd, which was originally founded in England back in 1984.

Although few details are known about the new Spectrum, The Telegraph reports that it will be a bluetooth keyboard designed to look and feel like the original – suggesing you’re going to be able to plug it into your telly and play immediately.”

Not sure about the bluetooth part, but I can’t wait to hear more details. While the iPhone Emulator ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection HD - Elite Systems Ltd and especially the iPad HD version ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection HD - Elite Systems Ltd rock a dedicated piece of hardware would be nicer…

Manic Miner for the Nintendo DS

Headsoft have ported the classic ZX Spectrum game Manic Miner to the Nintendo DS!


The Story:

“The tale of Miner Willy and his incredible adventures in the mines, and then the mansions, of Surbiton is legend. But like all legends, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Most people know Willy simply as a digger who got lucky and lived happily ever after in decadent luxury. Far fewer know the secret – suppressed for quarter of a century by the government – of how he also saved Planet Earth from alien invasion.

It wasn’t until an eccentric but dedicated historian writing a paper for a renowned academic journal (Retro Gamer issue 63) pieced together the complete saga of Willy’s heroic exploits from fragments of scattered evidence – in the form of obscure retellings of the ‘Manic Miner’ folk fable in ancient languages readable only via long-obsolete machines – that the whole truth was finally revealed.

Welcome to Manic Miner – The Lost Levels!”

Excellent! Get it now!