Star Trek Trivia

Wolltet ihr schon immer mal wissen, was der wahre Grund für die Erfindung des Transporters bei Star Trek war…?

Spock und Woz auf einer Bühne – da wäre ich ja gerne dabei gewesen…

Welcome to Macintosh – comes with iPod version and support!

This is the stuff that makes the Apple community so great: my DVD with “Welcome to Macintosh” arrived this week. I wanted a copy on my iPod Touch, so I started ripping the DVD and twittered about it. Some minutes later, I received this tweet:

@fkoehn Are you using the file we included on the disk? We added chapter marks and lots of metadata that will show up on iDevices

AWESOME! I hadn’t seen that (although they mention it on the web page) – that was indeed a lot faster… ;)

Woz also liked the movie:

Woz to make a trip to the South Pole in a Hummer

That guy sure has a lot of fun:

“The Woz said he plans to drive to the South Pole in a Hummer in 2007. He said that in passing, and it seemed so absurd that I had to find out more. So after his talk, I went up and asked. Woz explained that he was participating in an expedition planned for December 2007 in which a group will drive Hummers running on hydrogen powered fuel cells from McMurdo Station to the
South Pole
. Woz said his particular vehicle would be co-piloted by Buzz Aldrin, who walked on the moon in 1969. The expedition is to be filmed in 3D for the director James Cameorn. Woz said that the group has received important advice on the project from the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authroity, which has been running some hydrogen fuel-cell powered buses.”