Comments working again!

Dietmar just notified me that you could only comment on blog entries through Facebook. SORRY, that was not intentional – I _did_ enable Facebook comments, but I was not aware that would switch off other comments completely!

Look what the setting says:

Grrr…. hate it when that happens…

Happy commenting!

WordPress 3.0.1 Widgets not draggable? Here’s what solved it for me

After upgrading to WordPress 3.0.1 I suddenly came to a point where I could no longer just drag and drop widgets to my sidebar.

The only solution to work with widgets was to got to “Screen Options”, enable “Accessibility Mode” and klick my way through configuration.

Googling for a solution came up with that workaround and “disable all plugins”. Luckily I had not installed too many plugins recently, and the culprit was found quickly: after disabling the Feedburner Widget plugin dragging and dropping works perfectly again. I have no idea what might be wrong with the plugin, but maybe the author can find it.

Hope that helps someone with the same issue…

OK; i need advice for a good WordPress spam plugin

Specifically, I’d like to filter by character set – anythink in russian or chinese (read: anything illegible for me) needs to silently go into the spam folder.

In the last few weeks, I have about 10 russian spam comments, and I’ve had it.

Lifestream for WordPress

Lifestream for WordPress looks like a great plugin – just like FriendFeed, it will gather stuff from all your social networking feeds and display them in a post or in its own page.

My idea was to put it in a page and thus have a backup of Twitter, and all the other stuff I use in my WordPress database. Searchable, organized – what more can you ask for?

Unfortunately Lifestream only works with PHP5, and my webspace is still on PHP4. I can run PHP5 as CGI, but this created all kinds of issues with file permissions.

Crap… that would have been nice. Even worse, now I don’t dare ask my provider to move my blog to a PHP5 server (which is available) because I might get the same issues…

Disqus wordpress plugin de-activated yet again

I’m sorry, this is just not working for me, it seems. I’m glad that the disqus guys made the effort to address my issues, but I have a hard time getting used to the way it works:

  • Deleting comments or spam (disqus regards deletions as spam reports, Daniel told me) is more work than in WordPress. If I want to find out if someone is link-spamming me, I first need to go to my site to see the real link, as the link in the email goes to One step too much for me – in the standard WordPress emails, this is immediately visible.
  • I used to be able to reply to people who commented by just replying to the WordPress email. With disqus, thsi reply goes to my blog (which – most of the time – I do not want it to do).
  • My other anti-spam plugins, like http:BL, don’t work too well with disqus.

I’ll follow the developments, but for now it’s back to standard comments.

DISQUS – Another WordPress plugin bites the dust

I have just disabled the disqus WordPress plugin for comments.

Installation, configuration and usage was painless (as was de-installation). The reason I chose to get rid of it regardless was mainly about comment spam.

I started receiving comments that were clearly spam. In the disqus module of my WordPress admin panel, I did not see the URL people entered (they pointed to instead), so the spam nature of a comment was not immediately visible. The plugin also had no way of marking a comment as spam.

Guys, I’d like to use the plugin, butr you need to work on better comment spam management.