TailRank rocks!

The great Burtonator himself commented on my post about unsubscribing and pointed me to TailRank‘s filtering feature.

Basically it allows you to import an OPML file (hi Dave!) and will filter the posts of these feeds according to TailRank’s algorithms. It will let you define how many links a post must have to appear in that filter, depicting some kind of relevancy.

This looks EXACTLY like what I was aiming at – very nice. You can even subscribe to the filter feed.

I’ll check out the mobile version when my 6630 finally arrives.

Oh, and a feature request: can you make that link to my bloglines OPML file dynamic (if I add a blog in Bloglines, I’d like to have it immediately added to my TailRank filter). In that respect: you don’t need my Bloglines user name and password – there’s a simple link like “http://www.bloglines.com/export?id=xxx” to get to the OPML…