5 Security trends for 2007

Vinnie reports from an article on CIO Insight:

“Security and Risk

17. No abatement of IT security threats

18. Security concerns turn users away from Windows

19. Security morphs into risk management

20. Compliance achieves what government intended

21. Compliance spurs financial process improvement”

This totally reflects what I see happening in my job as a security consultant, especially regarding the last 3 items. While lots of the work is forced on the clients by regulators or auditors, more and more they’re seeing the benefits.

Also, risk management means the processes are getting more important than the tools. Companies are starting to grasp that there’s more to risk management than firewalls and virus scanners.

That’s a good thing.

Enron Explorer

When I’m working with customers, a lot of the stuff we’re doing is motivated by the results of Sarbanes Oxley legislation, most of which carries over to this side of the pond. Even if you’re not subject to the legislation, chances are there’s similar legislation that drives you into my arms ;)

If you ever wondered what started this security consultant full employment act, you might enjoy using the Enron Explorer, a searchable database of Enron executives’ mailboxes.

Very interesting indeed.