Starship Enterprisey Radio – finally on iTunes

At last Craig gave in and uploaded the episodes to a Podshow UK account. So, if you’ve been waiting to listen to Starship Enterprsey Radio on your iPod, here’s the magic URL, hidden deep inside Podshow’s crappy flash site:

The main show page is Download and enjoy. Yours truly is mentioned briefly in episode 11 ;)

Web2.0 in the enterprise: what about reliability?

I’m just following a presentation on SAP TechEd07 by Craig Cmehil via Craig is demoing an ABAP application that reads Twitter feeds and does stuff according to the content of the tweet.

I’m trying to help him (and sneak into te session) by sending the kind of command that he needs, but suddenly we’re all sitting there waiting for stuff to happen, as Craig’s Twitter feed refuses to update.

And here we’re going to have the same kind of discussion that we had with OpenSource: who can we sue if stuff breaks? If you’re going to use Twitter, Dopplr or what have you to manage your personal stuff, it’s all well and dandy. Once your ERP system relies on the functionality of those apps, you’re at the mercy of the application providers, i.e. quite a wild bunch of people right now.

Will we see Web2.0 apps with SLA agreements any time soon? What do you think?

SAP 2.0

Sdn Craig

I have been to Starship Enterprisey yesterday for an SDN Moderators meeting (I’m moderating the Netweaver Security Forum on SDN). I finally got to meet Craig Cmehil, having been in contact through emails, blogs, twitter etc. for about two years now.

It started with some great laughs and way too much fruit salad – imagine a room with 30 odd SAP geeks, mostly developers and other technical experts, having to call the maintenance man to get the projector working ;)

Sdn CraigPhoto by fkoehn

After the meeting, Craig introduced me to some SAP internal community sites (think wikis, blogs, social bookmarks) that will keep me busy for many hours.
I’m VERY excited by what I saw, and it’s a real pity I can’t blog about that ;)

I can’t wait to see some of that getting ready for customer exposure – cool stuff ahead, believe me. Proud to be part of that community.