How to shoot yourself in the foot, Sony Style

Jeff nails it, again.

“If I were the CEO of Sony I would be calling the head of the PSP group in for a meeting and ask the following questions:

1) Why is someone posting a firmware downgrader for the PSP that strips the latest firmware out of the device and downgrades it to one of the earliest releases? Why are such a significant number of our customers willing to forego bug fixes and updates in the current firmware for the capabilities that the original generation of firmware gives them?”

I’ve had the same argument before, but it seems that Sony is incapable of learning. Can you say ATRAC?

So UMD sales are down? Can’t you take a hint?

Framed by the Memory Stick Mafia

I recently got a 2 Gig Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo off eBay, and I have to admit I should have been a bit more sceptical considering the price. But then again you’re used to making bargains on eBay.

The stick didn’t fit too well into either a SonyEricsson K750i and my Sony DSC-H2 digital camera to begin with. But it seemed to work, so I wasn’t too worried. Not even the chinese characters on the package worried me, to be honest.

That changed when after about a hundred pictures in Ireland my camera started to display “file error” messages, burying some of my nicest shots.

At home I started investigating the issue, and found this guide. I contacted the seller, who (luckily) is german, and he says I’ll get my money back. I don’t have it yet, but I’m quite confident as this will be a lot less hassle for him than dealing with Sony lawyers, which I might tip off else.