DISQUS – Another WordPress plugin bites the dust

I have just disabled the disqus WordPress plugin for comments.

Installation, configuration and usage was painless (as was de-installation). The reason I chose to get rid of it regardless was mainly about comment spam.

I started receiving comments that were clearly spam. In the disqus module of my WordPress admin panel, I did not see the URL people entered (they pointed to disqus.com instead), so the spam nature of a comment was not immediately visible. The plugin also had no way of marking a comment as spam.

Guys, I’d like to use the plugin, butr you need to work on better comment spam management.

Top 30 WordPress Plugins

Yeah, you’ve seen that list before, haven’t you?

Well, here‘s one with a twist: staska.net has compiled a meta list by adding up the number of recommendations from various (48) other lists in the blogosphere. Excellent job!