YouTube betas new version for the Wii

Lifehacker reports that YouTube has a new version that is designed to work better on TVs.

I immediately went and pointed my Wii Browser to – WOW!


The start screen tells me to update my Wii – maybe they ran it on a different version, my Wii is already on the latest release.


The start page has 4 sections: Most Views, Best Rating, Recommended and New.


“My Videos” will bring you to your subscriptions, all with easy to use buttins and no scrolling. Very nice.


Playing a video is also a lot easier. Again, no scrolling.


The full screen player also pops up controls on demand.

This a a huge step forward. Add YouTube’s trand to HD video, and the Wii is a lot more useful in the living room. Liking it. A lot.

Now bring on the new version of the Opera browser, please!

Wii Opera SDK released

The Wii comes with the Opera browser, which is great for watching Youtube videos on the TV screen.

I have always wondered why nobody created sites targeted at Wii users, like a video podcast player, for example.

I just found out about the Wii Opera SDK – maybe now we’ll see more Wii specific sites.

“Easily add useful functionality to your games and Web applications for the Wii’s Internet Channel.

* Wii Remote detection – Remote Demo, 2 Player Ship Demo
Receive status Wii Remote buttons, pointer coordinates, sensor bar distance, and Z-axis roll.
* 3D rotations – Cube Demo
Rotate polygons in 3D space then translate them to z-sorted 2D to add that extra dimension to graphics.
* Drawing effects – Ship Demo, Wall Demo, Floor Demo
Draw lines, circles, rectangles, tiles, texture-mapped walls, and more.
* Multiuser Communication
Allow multiple players/users to take part in the same of software.”