Would you trust your data to a Drobo?


A Drobo is a kind of storage array that uses standard S-ATA disks. It’s not RAID, they have their own disk management software that makes sure you can just pull any drive and replace it with a bigger one without losing your data.

In contrast to my RAID-1 on the Zyxel NSA-220, this means that you’re 100% dependant on the Drobo not messing up your data. If the Drobo breaks, you will most likely not be able to plug the drives into your PC and get your data (with the NSA-220 you can- standard Linux file system).

It’s worse – it seems that not even Drobo support is convinced of its liability (read the whole article, there’s more interesting stuff in there):

“2) Drobo should not be the only location the data is stored on. Drobo is meant to be a primary or backup location. not both.

3) Drobo can only recover from most hardware error. And improper disconnections are considered user error.”

That is…. confusing…. I would have thought that the Drobo was exactly that – a secure backup system. Doesn’t that make the whole thing useless? What do you think?