Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 and Pentax K-5 compatibility issues?

[UPDATE: Issue solved – Nik Software Support analyzed the file and fond the mistake. I had set Lightroom to do automatic tone adjustments on import which changed the exposure of the files. I thought HDR Efex would ignore that, but it turns out it doesn’t. Still think HDR Efex should have a dialog to adjust for theat…]

If you’re a user of Nik Software’s HDR Efex Pro plugin I’m sure you’ve seen that version 2 is out, and from everything I’ve seen so far the upgrade is a no-brainer – I literally couldn’t pull out my credit card fast enough ;)

Unfortunately I have only been able to use it with single images so far. I shot a series of 5 images, 2 stops apart, but the export from Lightroom into HDR Efex looked weird:

Basically, it misreads the EXIFs and swaps the second and third image of the series. For comparison, here’s the original files in Lightroom with the exposure info:

Image exposure is f2.8 with 1/750, 1/180, 1/45, 1/10 and 1/3, which should be just fine. Pentax K-5 with firmware 1.13, set up for 5 shots two stops apart. Any idea where the problem is?

I’ve contacted Nik support on Twitter, and they’ve been very responsive. I remember that the old version used to have a dialog where you could manually add the exposure steps if it xouldn’t read it properly, but it seems you can’t manually make that appear.

Here’s what version 2 says:

Unfortunately there’s no way to fix the ‘error’.

I’d be very happy for a solution, be it on Nik’s or Pentax’s side. Maybe someone reading this can help… I’m uploading the original DMG files on DropBox so you can check for yourself. I’ve also tried manually importing the DNGs into HDR Efex Pro 2, and doing the same from exported JPGs. Same result.

Here are the source files:

And, to leave on a happy note, here are two HDRs that I did this week (from single files), one artistic, one more realistic: