Review: Invisible Shield for iPod Nano 3G

When I received my shiny new iPod Nano 3G, I immediately started watching out for protection. Luckily, ZAGG already had their Invisible Shield product on pre-order. So far, I used Invisible Shield on every single one of my iPods – I *hate* scratches…

From their web site:

“Made from a unique material originally created for the military to protect the leading edges of helicopter blades, the invisibleSHIELD offers protection that other screen protectors just can’t match. With over 1,000 copyrighted, precision-cut designs for a variety of gadgets, including MP3 players, PDA’s, and cell phones, the invisibleSHIELD is the industry leader in screen protection.

And we don’t just offer screen protectors; we’ve designed full-body shields that protect your entire gadget. With our patent-pending wrap of the full-body, your device will always look like it did the day you bought it.”

The Nano full body shield arrived last week. Here is what it looks like.


iPod Nano 3G w. Invisible Shield


iPod Nano 3G w. Invisible Shield

As you can see from the pictures, it really is next to invisible. It will also iron out any bubbles left over from applying automatically after a few days.
The version for the new Nano is one of the best fitting so far. I was a bit sceptical because of the non-acrylic front of the new Nano, but the foil fits snuggly. I did cut off the edges of the foil (the tiny parts that wrap around the corners – they either didn’t stick or overlap with the other foil.

All in all, another wonderful Invisible Shield experience. It makes the iPod appear glossy on the front, but I guess that can’t be helped.

Highly recommended.

iPhone finally for real…?

I have written about Apple’s to be expected iPhone many times, and so have hundreds of other blogs. Now, November 2006, it seems it is for real after al”l. Blackfriars’ Inc. reports: reports today that Apple has signed with contract manufacturer Hon Hai to make 12 million iPhones next year. Given that this is a product untested in the market, if this is true, it would certainly demonstrate how serious Apple is in attacking the phone market.”

Even better, it seems they’re not going the way of the Treo and are aiming for the worldwide market immediately by not going for a release with a US mobile operator, but offering the phone non-branded and SIM free. It seems Apple’s experience with global roll-outs is paying off.

Now the usual rumors may start:

  • Will it include iPod functionality, and if so, to what extent? Given the size of the 2G iPod nano, I’d say 8 gig flash should not be a problem
  • Will it include wireless connectivity, or 3G mobile data? It may be a smart move to address the Zune’s shortcomings and really expand on wireless music sharing. Apple’s got the technology to do that. Example: if you’re sharing a song you bought from the iTunes music store, you might have the option to send an iTunes store coupon with it, so that the receiver gets his own licensed copy, or the song is restricted to 30 seconds and send you to ITMS where you can buy the full version
  • Keyboard or not? While I’m a sucker for full keyboards, Apple’s history of simplicity basically makes this a no-no

What’s your take – any other good ideas, given the information we have now?

Bug in new iPod Nano Firmware

I have a brand new black iPod Nano 8GB, and I like it a lot so far. Actually, I had a ‘the return of the iPod Mini’ post on my sleeves, but I figured by now that’s a bit dated already.

Unfortunately, there’s the usual catching up phase going on now: waiting for a decent leather case, waiting for the new goPod version to get rid of that silly EU regulation based volume restriction, waiting for to come up with a new version of the menu icon patch for the Nano’s firmware etc.

In the meantime, there’s a serious firmware issue that I came across in firmware 1.0.1. You see, my morning routine goes like this: I update my podcasts in iTunes, then sync to the iPod, get into the car and start the first podcast I want to listen to. With my new Nano, the ‘play’ icon appears, and then it’s stuck – it doesn’t start to play; I need to reset the iPod and start over again. The first time I thought it was coincidence, but by now I have established that it’s a consistent bug.

Can anyone else confirm this?

iPod: The Return of the Mini?

“The next generation of Apple Computer’s iPod nano digital music player may dip into iPod mini’s wardrobe, AppleInsider has learned. In an effort to reduce the player’s susceptibility to scratches, Apple has been experimenting with aluminum anodized enclosures similar to those used in the company’s iPod mini digital music players.”

That would ROCK! The Mini IMHO is still the best of all iPods. Combine that with color, the beauty of the Nano, and (possibly) 8 or 10 Gig of Flash memory – PERFECT….

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