Nokia N97 – Another (long) shot at getting back at Apple

So, here it is, Nokia’s new flagship smartphone – The Nokia N97:

My first thought: haven’t we seen that before…?

Oh, yes:

If I were HTC,I’d take a shot at suing them. Looks eerily similar, doesn’t it?

But that aside, do I think it’s the iPhone killer? First of all, what is it with all the manufacturers trying to come out with an iPhone killer in the first place?
I think they should be happy that Apple showed them what they seem to have forgotten, but what matters most to consumers.

Scoble puts it best:

“Now, can you count Nokia out yet? No way. It has the biggest slice of the cell phone marketshare pie. Its devices are much better engineered than Apple’s are (GPS on Nokia is better, so are the antennas, the cameras, and bluetooth radios that Nokia uses). But engineering does NOT equal a great experience. Yeah, my Nokia does not drop phone calls in places in Silicon Valley that my iPhone does, but generally I reach for the iPhone when I want to make a call or surf the web. Why?

Nokia is behind in experience. The executives here from Nokia that I’ve talked to know that. They know this is Nokia’s touchiest week and one where they either deliver a much better device or they are going to face a very tough 2009 globally.”

And this is something that they will not be able to match that quickly, as this is what Apple worked on building for the last 7 years. Not only did they come out with the technology, they also broke barriers like noone else, making MP3 files available as a download, offering movies and TV series, integrating podcasts and generally caring for users’ needs like only they can.

Compare the experience of buying a great piece of Symbian Series 60 software through Handango with getting something on the iPhone in the AppStore. Go on, try it – you’ll know what I mean.

So is the N97 a great smartphone? It sure is. But not for people who like the iPhone for whatever reason.