Muvid IR715 internet radio

I found this sweet box in a local supermarket last weekend (119,– Euros). I’ve been looking for something like this for quite a while. Ever since I installed my new living room setup, I had no more radio. I have a Zyxel NSA-220 that features a built-in media server, but no connection to the living room, yet.

I have been looknig at an AppleTV, but this would require me to switch on my TV to pick a song. The Muvid has a small display that works well.
Connectivity is available through Ethernet and WiFi, additionally there is a USB port on the back.
This little box plays everything I have – MP3s from network drives and the media server, podcasts (built-in directory and search!), internet radio streams (built-in directory) – I’m very very happy with it. It also has a normal FM stereo tuner with RDS. Each capability (internet radio, media streamer, FM radio) has its own set of presets.

Like it. Very much.