That’s my kid!

My daughter (7) was supposed to do some piano practice this afternoon.

It took my wife a few minutes before she realized that she was just playing back the session she had recorded last week ;)

She’s sure getting better in mastering the e-piano – if only she would concentrate more on the black and white keys instead of the little black buttons…

Why is he wearing a helmet

Today, on the way back from Frankfurt (Germany), we passed a US Military Humvee on the Autobahn.

My 7 year old daughter asked

“Who was in that car?”

And I answered

“US Soldiers”

She asked

“What do they do here?”

I said

“They’re on guard”

She asked

“Why do they wear helmets?”

And this was where I did not know what to answer. Seriously, in the middle of germany, on a public road, why do they wear helmets? We didn’t have too many roadside bombs around here lately.

Any ideas? Sometimes these kids questions are just too tough.

The Lego Rule

I have two girls, and sooner or later questions about weapons in games might come up (or maybe not at all – it’s different for girls, as they say ;) ).
Anyway, I liked Chris Anderson‘s Lego Rule:

“The Lego Company, it seems, has a policy of not producing toys that replicate 20th century weapons. “You can have swords, and you can have laser guns in space, but no actual 20th century guns,” Anderson says. So his four children can play games like Halo, since it contains only futuristic, fantasy war, where you’re killing only green- or blue-blooded aliens. The same goes for Roman swordplay titles. “But it clearly walls off Grand Theft Auto.”

(I e-mailed Lego’s spokesman Michael McNally, and he confirmed the company’s Solomonic logic. Lego, he wrote, agrees that good-versus-evil combat “is at the root of children’s play scenarios, and we believe is an important part of a child’s exploration of the world.” But they don’t want it infecting the children’s perception of the real world around them, so the solution is to place it decisively in the realm of fantasy.) “

If you have kids, too, you might find that useful.