Speculation: New iPod Nano at WWDC?

Well, it’s not like I’d have any sources telling me that, it’s just that the market has been funny over the last few weeks:

– iPod Nano discounts were being offered in most major electronics stores around here

– the 16 GB iPod Nano is sold out in many places, and the girl in the store told me “Apple won’t send us any new ones”

Apple’s refurbished iPod section suddenly has the iPod Nano, previous *and* current generation, in all colors readily available

The iPod Nano has always been my favourite model – I really really would like to see them come out with a 32 GB or even a 64 GB model…

What do you think? Likely or not?

Welcome to Macintosh – comes with iPod version and support!

This is the stuff that makes the Apple community so great: my DVD with “Welcome to Macintosh” arrived this week. I wanted a copy on my iPod Touch, so I started ripping the DVD and twittered about it. Some minutes later, I received this tweet:

@fkoehn Are you using the file we included on the disk? We added chapter marks and lots of metadata that will show up on iDevices

AWESOME! I hadn’t seen that (although they mention it on the web page) – that was indeed a lot faster… ;)

Woz also liked the movie:

Download every Beatles song, for free!

Even better: you’ll get the story about each of the 212 songs with the song. This is quite exciting:

“NRK is podcasting its segment called “Our Daily Beatles” that chronologically tells a three-minute story of every Beatles song ever written — 212 of them — along with the song in its entirety.”

This is a completely legal offer. Get the podcast here (link to the RSS feed).

I still would love to see the Beatles iPod – I mean, there’s even the BachPod now! Why not pre-load iPods with that podcast and sell them?

QuickPwn 2.1 for Windows is here!

If you want to jailbreak your iPod Touch or iPhone with Firmware 2.1, follow this link to get to the official site.

If you want to get there quickly, just get this torrent.

This was my first time with QuickPwn, and man am I impressed – my iPod Touch 16GB was jailbroken in less than two minutes!

GREAT work, guys!

Kevin Rose on new iPods (rumor)

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I’m already keeping my credit card ready for September – I just successfully sold my 1st Gen iPhone (the best thing about the iPhone 3G? 1st Gen iPhone prices went WAY up on eBay, even for used ones. Crap, I should have anticipated that and stocked a few…).

All I really want is a 32 GB Nano – hope they don’t make it too big (which would defeat the naming anyway). The Touch is not too good for in-car use – having to unlock the screen to change tracks really blows.
Oh, and updating podcasts through WiFi without iTunes would be great – just implement it the same way that buying songs on the Touch/iPhone works, that should not be a big deal.