“Unlike anything you’ve ever seen”

This might enter history as the gutsiest thing since Sosumi.

I like how they molded the 11″ Macbook Air to the bottom of the display…

Not sure it’s that smart after the Apple/Samsung trial, but maybe it’s supposed to be “suicide by cop” ;)

My favourite Twitter client gets an update

I’m using Echofon on my Mac, iPhone and iPad. Every time somebody mentioned how great all these other Twitter clients are I tried them, but none of them even came close.
My favourite features:

  • Echofon will synchronize your unread Tweets between systems. This is something I have not seen in any other client so far.
  • Echofon is light and fast.
  • The UI is easy and consistent – no fancy graphics that take away reading estate.
  • Lots of innovative features, like integrated URL shortening and image previews.

Now the one feature I have been waiting for made it into the new version: Echofon allowed filtering before, but 1.4 will finally allow filtering by client – no more paper.li in my feed!

Can’t wait until I get home to install it….

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