Macht Google Werbung für Spotify?

Bildschirmfoto 2013-09-07 um 11.35.48

Seltsam – Google hat mit Google Music All-Inclusive eine Streaming-Lösung, und offenbar auch nicht das beste Verhältnis zum Mitbewerber Spotify.

Trotzdem heute morgen das in meinem GMail Account: Werbung von Spotify:

Bildschirmfoto 2013-09-07 um 11.32.31

Bis hierhin nicht ungewöhnlich. Aber dann auf der rechten Seite in GMail:

Bildschirmfoto 2013-09-07 um 11.33.25

Huh? Die Spalte ist eigentlich für die Anzeige von Attachments gedacht – wie kommt da ein solcher Direktlink rein? Gibt es dafür ein API in GMail, oder beruht das auf einer Kooperation?

Ghostery and GMail

In case you’re also wondering why clicking on an email in GMail suddenly won’t make it appear as read: it seems that Ghostery doesn’t like Google Widgets. Once you instruct Ghostery to allow Google Widgets it’s all fine again.

Not sure how that got in…, verified on zwo machines, Mac and PC.

Hallo Google, jemand zuhause…?

Nachdem ihr mir jetzt schon seit Monaten anzeigt dass Youtube tatsächlich zu meinem Google Apps Account gehört (about time!) müsst ihr jetzt auch noch mit dem Hinweis auf die neuen Datenschutz-(Hah!)Bestimmungen nerven? Und wenn ich das wegklicke kommt es beim nächsten Mal wieder???!?!

Ehrlich, muß das sein…?

Warum Google+ für mich (noch) nicht funktioniert

Ja, ich habe schon einen Google+ Account ( Was ich sehe gefällt mir sehr gut, ist für mich aber nicht wirklich nutzbar: Ich habe einen Google Apps for your domain account, d.h. ich nutze die Google/GMail Infrastruktur, allerdings mit einer eigenen Domain.

Um jetzt Google+ nutzen zu können kann ich aber meine ‘normale’ EMail Adresse nicht nutzen (die mit meiner eigenen Domain), sondern muß eine alte Adresse nehmen. Das ist natürlich dämlich, weil ich mit der normalerweise nicht unterwegs bin und mich so auch niemand kennt/findet. Noch schlimmer wird es wahrscheinlich wenn ich damit eine Zeitlang arbeite und Google dann irgendwann mal Google Apps Unterstützung einführt – dann habe ich entweder zwei Accounts, oder die “alten” Posts und Verbindungen hängen in der Luft, und ich muss alle Invites, Circles etc. nochmal pflegen.

Technisch hängt das zunächst daran, dass Google Profiles für Google Apps derzeit nicht unterstützt wird. Tiefergehend ist das ein Identity Management Problem, dem sich Google dringend stellen sollte – bisher häuft man mit jeder neuen Anwendung nur neue Probleme auf.

Ich hatte dazu vor über einem Jahr schonmal gebloggt:

Google desparately need to implement Identity Management

I’m a really really happy user of lots of Google services. I have my own domain linked to Google Apps For Your Domain (GAFYD). I use Google Docs. I’ve been a GMail user before. I put pictures I want to share on Picasa. May contacts are in Google Contacts. Some of my appointments are shared through Google Calendar. Of course I jumped on Google Wave immediately…

So, all should be fine, right?


The trouble began when Google Apps For Your Domain became available, and I had to migrate my data over from the old GMail account. I ranted enough about this, so I’ll spare you the repeat.

Ever since I completed that move, I feel like a second class citizen for all services that use Google’s authentication system, and the worst thing is – this is even true for Google’s own services.

Picasa, for example, is not included in Google Apps, so I have to use a different login. That GMail login uses the same email address than Google Apps, but a different password. You can run face recognition, but unfortunately Picasa can not access the Google Apps contacts for names, faces or email invitations – you have to maintain a second set of identities.

I still have my old email account which uses the same email for login, so that makes for all kind of strange confusing messages. I now have two Google Calenders, two Google Docs sites, both completely separate yet under the same email address.

Do you know all those other services that allow you to pull in your contacts from GMail? You probably guessed it – they can’t access my Google Apps account.

It gets even better when you pull Google Wave (they give you _yet another_ email!) and Buzz into the mix – complete confusion guaranteed.

This post has been sitting as a draft for a few weeks, only recently Gina Trapani picked up the issue on Smarterware. They found someone at Google with a half ass explanation, but do come on – there has to be a better way!

“When you add Android into the mix, Contacts get weird. Because, I think, you can add your Google Apps account to Android and not your “vanilla” Google Account. (GT: Yes, this is true.) But, when you sign in to Google Voice on Android, you will need to enter the password (which might be the same) of your vanilla Google Account. BUT, on Android, your Contacts are read from the system’s phone book. Not necessarily the vanilla Google Voice Google Account that has its separate contacts (accessible through the normal Google Voice webapp). Ugh. The “Contacts” issue is by far the most ‘hurting’ in this whole scenario.”

Eh… ok….

An update to the post brimgs it to the point:

“Clearly FREE vanilla Google Accounts get more preference than potentially-paid Google Apps accounts, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.”

Welcome to third class citizenship.

What’s your experience with this – how do you make it work for you?

Old gadgets are still useful: Blackberry 7290

When I’m on the road, I usually have my work laptop with built-in 3G with me. I also carry a Nokia 3270 Classic for phone calls (robust, great keyboard, fantastic battery life) and an iPod Nano for podcasts and music (the iPod Touch is a lot more fun, but crap for in-car usage).
My work phone does not have a data plan, so I have to use the Laptop for Twitter and emails. As the &%$%§ Vista machine needs 10 minutes to wake up from standby, this is not exactly perfect. I have a dual SIM for my data card (it’s my personal SIM), so I decided to get a cheap device with QWERTZ keyboard for email and Twitter.

I quickly found a Blackberry 7290 in mint condition on eBay for EUR 50 – not bad for a start!

Now, the problem is that you usually need to buy Blackberry Service from your operator to use data services, which I did not want to do. So the first step was to update to OS 4.1, which allows you to simply enter a GPRS APN that apps can use.

Then of course the BB still refuses to let you use the built-in browser to download apps. In order for the browser to even appear, you usually (again) need to subscribe to BB service, then your operator will push something calles a “Service Book” to your device, which unhides the browser.
It’s a good thing there are smart people out there, so please got to “Blackberry without BIS” where you can simply download a service book and install it through the BB desktop software.

Then use the browser to download some apps – unfortunately not all will work with OS 4.1.

What I got:

  • The GMail Client which even works with my Google Apps account, and will flash the LED when new mail arrives. This is as good as push for me, without requiring the BIS service.
  • Opera Mini for browsing
  • GoTalkMobile for GTalk
  • BlackBird as a Twitter client (not great, but haven’t found a better one yet)

All in all, a decent experience with minimum spending. It’s an incredibly robust device with USB charging, outstanding battery life and a great keyboard. Recommended. not for me


The kind folks of have provided me with a trial account yesterday. Here’s what they say they do:

“OtherInbox, Inc. is an Austin-based company that builds technology to automatically organize emails from online shopping and social networking sites, enabling users to focus on messages from real people.

OtherInbox’s email product also organizes shipping information, payment reminders, and upcoming sales and places them on your calendar. This all happens in just a few minutes without any software to install or filters to configure.

Email marketers love OtherInbox because it helps them send targeted, relevant emails that generate more revenue. Consumers love OtherInbox because it saves them time and gives them control over their Inbox. Put your email on autopilotâ„¢ with OtherInbox!”

OtherInbox can link to your GMail account and import all the mails it recognizes. I (reluctantly) gave them my GMail login (can they not use Google’s authentication for this…? No idea if this is possible, but giving away passwords has to stop.), and they analysed my GMail Inbox.

Then two things happened that confused me:

OtherInbox said it would import the mails it had recognized. Even worse, all the settings were to MOVE instead of COPY by default. One wrong click, and my GMail account would have emptied. I don’t want that in any case – GMail is my master email store – nobody messes with that!

When I returned to the main screen, there were some messages about payment – I did not read them completely, but that came out of the blue. No other email before mentioned a price tag of any kind.

In short: I have deleted my account. I could still login 1 day after that, which does not make me overly confident about their privacy. Terminating again failed twice with a “503 gateway timeout” message.

I’ve had more convincing experiences….