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New blog post: European Identity Conference – Day 2

RT @schnapper: New blog post: MediaMarkt: Nikon D40 Kit 249,–

New blog post: MediaMarkt: Nikon D40 Kit 249,–

MediaMarkt: Nikon D40 Kit 249,–

Back from Star Trek – it ROCKED! If you’re a fan, go watch it!

Ok, off to the cinema! #startrek

RT @marilynpratt: my colleague @ccmehil shared w/mentors new ability to communicate at #sapphire09 virtually

@bderidder @security4all Apple will… come up with a totally new category and lead by doing so – again. And Steve will be holding it o …

… but at least I get to watch StarTrek tonight ;)

RT @heiko: “Das Internet ist kein rechtsfreier Raum, das Internet ist aber auch kein bürgerrechtsfreier Raum.” #zensursula

Just bought an online cinema ticket for Star Trek tonight. You wouldn’t believe how awkward the registration process was. #eic to the re …

Lifestream for WordPress

Lifestream for WordPress looks like a great plugin – just like FriendFeed, it will gather stuff from all your social networking feeds and display them in a post or in its own page.

My idea was to put it in a page and thus have a backup of Twitter, and all the other stuff I use in my WordPress database. Searchable, organized – what more can you ask for?

Unfortunately Lifestream only works with PHP5, and my webspace is still on PHP4. I can run PHP5 as CGI, but this created all kinds of issues with file permissions.

Crap… that would have been nice. Even worse, now I don’t dare ask my provider to move my blog to a PHP5 server (which is available) because I might get the same issues…