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New blog post: Fresh From FriendFeed today

@humpaaa was geht im bisherigen release nicht?

@papascott normal ist das, nicht aber nach der vorgeschichte

@pixelbase where’s that…? #whisky

@gerikson THAT one is pretty obvious (no offense, Ewan… ;) )

@jimh I seriously doubt that there is *any* target group for these songs… ;) #eurovision

@ewanspence 18% of my radio stations listeners like the german eurovision title

Fresh From FriendFeed today

@m works nicely here

Installing Windows 7 on my Samsung NC10 Netbook

fighting with miniSAP

New blog post: Fresh From FriendFeed today

New blog post: CardSpace – First time user impressions

@spooons unfortunately all those partnerships are US only. Also, is there a UI to select which pictures to upload? How does that work?

@ilicco nope.

T-Mobile uses IMEI filtering to prevent Data Flat users using the SIM in a Netbook – monster #FAIL

New blog post: Janeane Garofalo vs FOX News

@jamesfarrar same here. Women….

SAP Network Blogs

Fresh From FriendFeed today

New blog post: Fresh From FriendFeed today

@yojibee this one HAS to go on YouTube ;)

@bitterer which ones?

Sony debuts new Walkman – nobody cares

Re: A collection of threads: FAQ’s, intros and memorable discussions continued. – by Julius Bussche
Julus ROCKS!

@Lightbring3r taugt nix – zeigt mir fuer ein Nokia E71 369 und Vodafone branding – #FAIL

@papascott the bill will be more than “just a scratch” for your budget ;)

@dahowlett those keynotes really should be on YouTube…

@leeprovoost whoo! that sounds interesting – let us know when you can say more!

@dahowlett Malaga? FTW!

CERN FAQ for Angels and Daemons

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design 4 more


RT @ccmehil: SAP is curious if you are involved with #sapphire09

@Blag yeah, rub it in – my trip to TechEd08 got cancelled two days before the event due to the cost cutting measures ;( #teched #flex

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Yeah, force me to buy through germany, then process my payment through Ireland! #adobe #flex #fail

ok, Adobe: successfully changed my account to a one time email address so I can re-register properly. You asked for it.

@luislanz well, they should anyway ;)

@dan_mcweeney registered on the UK site, can’t buy stuff in germany. Won’t let me change the country now.

@stevemann yeah, just pretend ;)

Dear Adobe – why do you make it so hard for me to buy FlexBuilder? #flex #adobe #fail

Mac OS 7: Oldschool auf dem iPhone/iPod touch |

Mein Merkzettel für die Installation von Ubuntu – Klaus’ Archiv


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Zitat des Tages

3G Fuzzyband Downgrader: Der einfache Baseband Downgrade

Hand Shaking Is So Medieval. Let’s End It.
Only in the US… where manners are unheard of, as well as social behaviour

@Silentshot long time no tweet ;) – thanks for the offer, but I have a customer waiting….

New blog post: Fresh From FriendFeed today

@oliver how about making the widget display forum posts as an alternative…?

on the road to Nuernberg

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Listening to a Flex tutorial

Can anybody tell me a cheap (legal) source for FlexBuilder…? Download is ok… #flex

Nokia 5800 bargain if you’re in Finland

Fiona (5) picked what she thought was her kids music CD , now she’s listening to Enya ;) #education

New blog post: Fresh From FriendFeed today

New blog post: Fresh From FriendFeed today

Firefox Optimized Build Runs Faster, Uses Less Memory [Downloads]