Android Rant: Why not run on the reference platform at least…?


OK, so I’m on a Nexus 4, which is a very nice smartphone.

Imagine my surprise when I had to find out that a game that I previously bought – FIFA12 by Electronic Arts – would not work on the Nexus 4?

Don’t get me started on the fact that months after FIFA 13 is out for every platform in the world it still is nowhere to be seen for Android (and not a word by EA why that is the case).

But shouldn’t a company like EA not at least make sure that their stuff runs on Google’s reference platform devices? I can understand that there may be incompatibilities with some of the Android devices, but the select few that run the reference system?

Can I get my money back?

FIFA 08 for the Wii

It seems my favourite game will be available on the Wii this year.

Wii Insider has a gallery with screenshots as well as in game videos.

It seems the game will be making good use of the Wii remote. I haven’t yet figured out how moving your players and shooting will be done, but maybe that we’ll find out in one of the next videos to be released.

On my shopping list – definitely.