Thank you for 1.000.000 views!

Screenshot 2013-10-03 11.46.29

Screenshot 2013-10-03 11.46.29

I just saw that my Flickr account has passed 1.000.000 views this week – THANK YOU!

It’s funny to see that a test shot that made it into EXPLORE seems to have pushed me over the edge – funny how these things work. I don’t claim to understand any of this ;)

If you look at the ones that made it into EXPLORE you’ll find that they are all over the place, most of them are not among what I would say are my best images.


Anyway – thank you all for your attention and comments, feel free to look around some more.

Liking the new Flickr. A lot.


It seems whatever attention Flickr gets ever since Marissa Mayer got there helps it a lot.

With the start of 2013 I decided to endeavour into a 365 project (which is quite hard as it’s winter and dark outside, and there’s not a lot of light for decent pictures).

I also started adding people with the new Flickr iOS app, some of which started adding me back.

So far the project seems successful: 8 days into it, and I already got two of my shots into Explore:

This one (which is a new edit of a shot I took 3 years ago)

NYC High Contrast BW [EXPLORED]

And this one (which I’m a bit embarrassed about, as it was a desperate attempt to get _something_ done last night…)

2013-007 [EXPLORED]

Anyway – I’m taking this as a sign, and I shall continue to do my best. Hope you like it.

Flickr, you’re losing me…

Having one of your images listed in Flickr’s Explore pages used to be a great honor, and you could tell yourself that it probably happened because your picture was well composed and perfectly edited.

Now, look what got into Explore today:

Teddylicious! [EXPLORED]

A test shot I did of my car’s rear view mirror…

I’m sooo sad….