3G bliss

Being booked with a customer who won’t allow let external consultants use his internet conection for most of this year I surrendered and ordered the only availble 3G flat rate in germany by E-Plus. At 39,95 Euros a month plus a mandatory voice service (which I won’t be using), the total price of less than 50 Euros is ok for me. The contract can be cancelled every 3 months, so that’s good as well should a better ofering appear.

I got an Option Fusion GT PC Card which I’m using right now, in a ICE train going at over 200 km/h. That’s actually quite cool – it’s the first time that looking at the watch I’m not thinking “how long do I have to stand this before we finally arrive” but “wow, only 50 more minutes to finish my bloglines reading” ;)

I have yet to see the performance of UMTS, so far I’ve only been using GPRS. But that’s more than adequate.

I’ll keep you posted.