Disqus wordpress plugin de-activated yet again

I’m sorry, this is just not working for me, it seems. I’m glad that the disqus guys made the effort to address my issues, but I have a hard time getting used to the way it works:

  • Deleting comments or spam (disqus regards deletions as spam reports, Daniel told me) is more work than in WordPress. If I want to find out if someone is link-spamming me, I first need to go to my site to see the real link, as the link in the email goes to disqus.com. One step too much for me – in the standard WordPress emails, this is immediately visible.
  • I used to be able to reply to people who commented by just replying to the WordPress email. With disqus, thsi reply goes to my blog (which – most of the time – I do not want it to do).
  • My other anti-spam plugins, like http:BL, don’t work too well with disqus.

I’ll follow the developments, but for now it’s back to standard comments.

DISQUS – Another WordPress plugin bites the dust

I have just disabled the disqus WordPress plugin for comments.

Installation, configuration and usage was painless (as was de-installation). The reason I chose to get rid of it regardless was mainly about comment spam.

I started receiving comments that were clearly spam. In the disqus module of my WordPress admin panel, I did not see the URL people entered (they pointed to disqus.com instead), so the spam nature of a comment was not immediately visible. The plugin also had no way of marking a comment as spam.

Guys, I’d like to use the plugin, butr you need to work on better comment spam management.