Cisco not spamming Twitter after all

After my post two days ago, I received an email from Kevin at Cisco:

“No, this is not a bot. The Cisco IT twitter feed is managed by a real, flesh and blood person who is posting content from Cisco IT that shares how Cisco products and solutions have been implmented in the Cisco enterprise infrastructure.

The Cisco IT feed is brand new, and is looking to find individuals who are interested in their content. Initially, this is being done by searching for keywords using summize, and reaching out.

I apologize if the follow is unwanted – let us know by replying to @ciscoit and we will unfollow if you want.”

Thanks for the explanation – seems it’s just another company dipping its toes into social networks. Great to see they’re also watching the feedback.

Cisco automatically spamming Twitter?

This is strange: 5 minutes ago i twittered this:

” Installed new Cisco 5-port mini switch – connection to my Zyxel NSA-220 is a LOT faster now”

A minute later, I receive this email:

“Cisco IT (ciscoit) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Check out Cisco IT’s profile here:

You tell me that’s not a bot? Can anybody else try to verify this (just tweet something with “cisco” in the text).

(Cool – that post made Network World. Still not entirely sure what to think of this. Sure, the “new follower” is not spamming me with messages, but the technique used is exactly that of other Twitter spammers: follow me to make me look at their page.)