BOOQ rocks!

I’ve been a fan of Booq laptop bags for quite some time – I’ve had the Python XL for quite some time, and I bought the Boa 3m a few months ago.

Now, the Boa 3m has been showing some ugly wear and tear around the seams lately:


That really bugged me – Booq bags aren’t exactly cheap, so I was worried about the support process. That’s where the pleasant surprise set in: I went to their german support site, entered my data and uploaded a few pictures of the defect, and the next day they sent me a request asking for a scan or my original receipt. About 30 minutes after I had emailed that I received a shipping notification for a new bag, with the request to destroy the old one and send in proof,

That is about the fastest reaction to a warranty claim that I can think of – GREAT customer service!

Booq BOA3 Laptop backpack review (w. pictures)

This is my current bag, I’ve had it for about 3 months now. So far, it’s the best backpack I ever had.

Click on the Flickr badge to go to the photo set, nearly all the pictures have notes with more details on the features of the bag.

Highly recommended.

Booq Python XL Laptop Backpack Review (w. Pictures)

On the eternal quest for the ultimate laptop bag I stumbled across Booq some months ago. I ordered a Python XL Backpack that I have been using for a few months now.

When I thought about buying it, I couldn’t find a review anywhere that showed pictures different from the ones on Booq’s site, so I thought maybe it would be a good idea to write one once I’ve been using the bag for a while.

I’m very satisfied with the bag – the quality is astounding, and the usability is better than any other backpack I have owned so far. My only gripe is that while it is a big bag, the front compartment (where you put documents or books) lacks depth, i.e. when I load a bunch of doxuments, it’s cramped quite fast. Getting a book or a folder in is next to impossible and will make the built-in pockets inaccessible.

Also, there are features that are useless to me:

  • The pocket at the front that is supposed to hold an MP3 player: I’m maybe just too dumb to get how it’s supposed to work. Also, I can only control my iPod on the device, so I’d have to open the pocket to skip a tune. I’m currently using it to hold some stuff I don’t need very often
  • The detachable pocket on the front is a neat idea, but again it doesn’t suit my usage patterns
  • There are extra straps on the back to put around your waist, which I don’t need and are simply in the way all the time. I mean, it’s not that I’m going to go hiking with the bag, and the standard straps are already fitting perfectly

But despite these small gripes (which may be highly valued features to many other people), I stand by my previous comment: this is one of the best laptop backpacks you can buy. I have tried most of them so far, and none of them matches the Python XL in day to day usability.

I wanted to do the detail review here, instead I have opted to upload the pictures into a Flickr set and have annotated the pictures there. Feel free to leave comments.

Highly recommended.