Steve Jobs/Bill Gates D5 interview available in iTunes

Thanks for that find, TUAW!

“Steve Jobs and Bill Gates sat down with Walt Mossberg at the All Things Digital conference for a joint interview the other day. The footage of the interview was posted at the D5 website, but it was broken up into chunks. Now you can watch, or listen, to the interview in its entirety thanks to the iTunes Store. That’s right, the interview is now available as a video or audio podcast. The audio only version checks in at 85 megs or so, while the video file is almost 1 gig in size.”

1 gig – I’d better not download this form work ;)
How long until a torrent shows up? MIght save Apple some bandwidth…

Steve Jobs at dinner with Bill Gates

(I’d love to show the picture here, but it seems the original photographer doesn’t like that, so I’ll just point you to the site).

Looking at these pictures, it seems that Bill Gates is really getting into his new life after Microsoft. Seems he’s enjoying his conversation with Steve Jobs very much.

Oh, how I’d *love* to listen in to that conversation… Actually, these two guys should do a podcast together ;)