Welcome to 09-09-09

The day the Beatles (rightfully) return to the charts.

This is going to be a big day. Even though today will also mark the arrival of new iPods and (possibly) one more thing, the most important matter is the arrival of the new Beatles remastered box set.

This is even bigger in a time where my daughter asks me to buy her Lady Gaga ‘songs’ off iTunes (ohh the pain…) – you have to really love your kids to do that.

This is the one set of CDs that needs to be in every household, even if it’s just for educational purposes.


Ok Apple, now bring on the Beatles iPod tonight, and make this a REALLY big day.

Download every Beatles song, for free!

Even better: you’ll get the story about each of the 212 songs with the song. This is quite exciting:

“NRK is podcasting its segment called “Our Daily Beatles” that chronologically tells a three-minute story of every Beatles song ever written — 212 of them — along with the song in its entirety.”

This is a completely legal offer. Get the podcast here (link to the RSS feed).

I still would love to see the Beatles iPod – I mean, there’s even the BachPod now! Why not pre-load iPods with that podcast and sell them?

Beatles iPod: real soon now

My 2,5 year old prophecy seems to be getting closer:

“However, according to music industry consultancy Music Ally, the Yellow Submarine iPod may be back on Apple’s roadmap, now that the iPhone launch is out of the way.

What’s more, it’d be launched to tie-in with Beatles tracks finally going on sale on Apple’s iTunes Store, possibly as a one-month exclusive before becoming available through rival digital music services. Kat’s mocked up an image of how the Yellow Sub iPod might look – would you buy one?”

(Source: techdigest.tv)

A pity I just bought a new 80 gig iPod ;)

Beatles iPod getting closer?

Nearly two and a half years after my initial post, a Beatles iPod may not be that far off any more:

“The Beatles have settled a £30 million row over royalty payments with record company EMI, clearing the final obstacle to the release of the band’s entire back catalogue over the internet, The Daily Telegraph can reveal.

Apple iPod: Beatles join the iPod revolution
Coming to an iPod near you?

Executives at the group’s company Apple Corps Ltd and EMI can now sit down and work out a new royalties deal to cover music downloads of their hit singles and albums by websites like iTunes.”

About time, I’d say. UK copyright is good for 50 years – if the Beatles don’t want to share Sir Cliff’s pain, they’d better make sure that product hits the market soon.

Beatles iPod on the horizon?

Nearly two years ago I was blogging about a Beatles iPod, in the same fashion that Apple offers a U2 iPod.

Now things seem to get moving: Macworld UK reports that there may be an exclusive deal underway:

“The Beatles and Apple may soon reveal an exclusive deal under which music from the ‘Fab Four’ will be sold through iTunes, a report claims.
In an echo of the entente cordiale between Apple boss Steve Jobs and U2 front-man Bono, Fortune also claims that a new special edition Beatles iPod may also be released.

Despite years of legal wrangling between Apple Computer and The Beatles’ company Apple Corps, both sides are understood to be pragmatic at the opportunity.

Founder Beatle Paul McCartney is known to have handed out iPods as gifts to his cast and crew at the end of his recent world tour.”

Now, wouldn’t that be a wonderful christmas present for that special someone?

About time Apple Records arrives in the 21st century. If it takes them any longer, any Beatles fan will already have ripped his CD collection, or will be too deaf to enjoy iPods.

Apple Computer vs. Apple Records

Looks like it’s Sosumi all over again. Silly.

Best comment so far from tuaw.com:

“See the pattern, Apple Corps? Just because two things have similar names, doesn’t mean they are in competition with each other. I know your fear is that legions of confused consumers might end up wandering aimlessly around the growing number of Apple Stores looking for Beatles music but really, have a little more faith in the intelligence of your customers.
I would love to see the statistics on the little search box that Apple Computer includes in their iTunes program. How many people do you think are searching the ITMS every day for Beatles music to buy? I’m willing to bet it’s a very large number. Every day that Beatles music isn’t available for sale on the iTunes Music Store is a day that you lose. Get a clue and release your substantial and popular music library to the iTunes Music Store and stop beating that dead legal horse. Few, if any, of your customers care about the name of your record label or that it’s similar to the name of a popular computer company.”