Lifestream for WordPress

Lifestream for WordPress looks like a great plugin – just like FriendFeed, it will gather stuff from all your social networking feeds and display them in a post or in its own page.

My idea was to put it in a page and thus have a backup of Twitter, and all the other stuff I use in my WordPress database. Searchable, organized – what more can you ask for?

Unfortunately Lifestream only works with PHP5, and my webspace is still on PHP4. I can run PHP5 as CGI, but this created all kinds of issues with file permissions.

Crap… that would have been nice. Even worse, now I don’t dare ask my provider to move my blog to a PHP5 server (which is available) because I might get the same issues…

Welcome to Macintosh – comes with iPod version and support!

This is the stuff that makes the Apple community so great: my DVD with “Welcome to Macintosh” arrived this week. I wanted a copy on my iPod Touch, so I started ripping the DVD and twittered about it. Some minutes later, I received this tweet:

@fkoehn Are you using the file we included on the disk? We added chapter marks and lots of metadata that will show up on iDevices

AWESOME! I hadn’t seen that (although they mention it on the web page) – that was indeed a lot faster… ;)

Woz also liked the movie:

NAS: what to do when your hardware breaks?

I have bought a Zyxel NSA-220 NAS case last year to have a secure backup of my pictures, videos and MP3s. I have set up two 500 GB SATA drives in RAID1 mode (mirror).

Now, this works all very well. If one of the disks breaks down, there’s always the other one.

But there are still things that worry me:

  • If I really have to replace a drive, will any drive with equal capacity work? What if there are no drives with equal capacity on the market?
  • What if the NAS hardware itself breaks down – will I be able to just attach the drives to a PC and rescue the contents (I guess they’re Linux EXT3 formatted)?

Backups are still a difficult thing to plan. What do you think – is a NAS system the way to go, or is it easier to just put the drives into a PC (which would have a higher power consumption)? Any ides appreciated. What do you do?

Download every Beatles song, for free!

Even better: you’ll get the story about each of the 212 songs with the song. This is quite exciting:

“NRK is podcasting its segment called “Our Daily Beatles” that chronologically tells a three-minute story of every Beatles song ever written — 212 of them — along with the song in its entirety.”

This is a completely legal offer. Get the podcast here (link to the RSS feed).

I still would love to see the Beatles iPod – I mean, there’s even the BachPod now! Why not pre-load iPods with that podcast and sell them?