Mit der X-E2 in Istanbul

Ata Mohammad Adnan (@ataadnan auf Twitter, aadnan613 auf Flickr) bloggt tolle Fotos mit der X-E2 aus Istanbul (auch die anderen Posts sind absolut sehenswert!):

“I wont be lying if I say I prefer travelling with the Fuji system more than the heavy DSLRs. Earlier this year, carried the Fuji X100s to India, but this time I wanted to try the Fuji X-E2 which I used mostly Zeiss 12 f/2.8 and the much under-rated but fantastic Fujinon 18 f/2.”

Fuji’ing in Europe- Part 1: Istanbul.

Fuji X100 / X100S / X100T Travel Kit

Ian MacDonald zeigt auf seinem Blog wie ein perfektes kleines Reise-Kit mit der X100S aussehen kann.

“After a few travel photography related discussions over the last week or two I thought it’d be fun to share my Fuji X100s Travel Kit. While I use the “S”, this would obviously apply to the original Fuji X100, and to the newer X100t also.”

Fuji X100 / X100s / X100t Travel Kit

X100S mit WCL/TCL oder Wechselobjektive?

Wer dem Charme der X100S oder X100T erlegen ist kennt sicher die quälenden Zweifel ob man mit der Kombination “kleine Kamera mit Weitwinkel- und Tele-Vorsatz” oder einer X-E2, X-Pro1 oder X-T1 mit Wechselobjektiven besser fährt.

Jeff Carter hatte das schonmal für das XF 18mm und den WCL-X100 untersucht, jetzt folgt der Vergleich TCL-X100 gegen XF 35mm mit vielen Beispielbildern.

“In April I did a comparison test between the Fujinon XF18mm f2R and the WCL-X100, which converts the 23mm f2 lens on the X100 to a 19mm f2 lens. Since then I have added a TCL-X100 to my kit which converts the 23mm on the X100 to a 33mm f2, almost the same focal length as the superb XF35mm f1.4R. So after using the TCL-X100 out and about I decided to do a back-to-back review on the two lenses and see if the tele converter for the X100 can match the output from the 35mm f1.4 on the X-Pro1.”

REVIEW: Fujinon XF35mm f1.4R ‘versus’ X100 + TCL-X100

Fuji X100T Review von SLRLounge

X100T Reviews kommen langsam rein. SLRLounge hat einen ausführlichen Bericht mit vielen Testbildern.

“The Fuji X100 series is one of those classic / retro style cameras that bucked such trends, at least according to most of the buzz on the Internet since the first X100-series hit shelves in early 2011. It’s got mechanical dials and wheels. It’s got an optical viewfinder (rangefinder), yet it also has an EVF. And it feels solid, well-built, and generally awesome in-hand. It’s what a compact camera ought to be.

I just got my hands on the X100T, the latest iteration of that line. Here’s what we’re working with, at a glance…”


Nissin i40 Blitz an der X-T1

Getestet von Jeff Carter:

“The Fujifilm EF-20 flashgun which I already own is an excellent TTL flash that slips into a jacket pocket. However the Nissin i40 is in another league and it is a welcome addition to my ever growing Fujifilm X-Series outfit. At £169 the i40 is great value for money.”

REVIEW: First Impressions of the Nissin i40 Flashgun for the Fuji X-Series

Derek Clark testet das Fuji 50-140mm f2.8

Derek Clark testet das Fuji 50-140mm f2.8:

“I went walkabout the other day while there was a bit of good weather, and by that, I mean dry and bright, because it certainly wasn’t warm. I wanted to try out the Fuji 50-140 f2.8 in daylight. I’ve already reviewed the lens under studio conditions which you can see HERE. I ended up shooting some street photography and capturing something I wouldn’t have thought possible, handholding at the equivalent of 210mm at 1/28th of a second and getting a sharp image. I had to double check the Exif Data on this one because I thought I was seeing things. As you can see from the crop above, this is again very sharp and I’m shooting wide open at f2.8. You can see the street shots I took processed in B&W using Silver Efex Pro over at 35mmStreet. But have a look at some colour shots before you go.”

Out & About With The Fuji 50-140mm f2.8