Home Office (incl. weekend quiz)

This picture features 6 IT companies (one probably only identifiable by insiders) and one photography company.

Can you identify them all? Go to the Flickr image and add your guesses through notes.

13 thoughts on “Home Office (incl. weekend quiz)

  1. Home OfficeSehen meine müden Augen da hinten ein Monitor von Nixdorf?
    Du müsstest Dir mal ne Kamera zulegen, die schärfere Bilder macht :-)
    Oder nicht immer so ein Kit-Objektiv drauf schrauben…. oder scharf stellen…..

    Oder mir beim Suchen nach meiner Brille helfen …..

  2. Home OfficeOk, here’s my guess:

    IBM/Lenovo: Laptop
    SAP: ‘This belongs to SAP’ sticker on laptop
    HP: Calculator
    Siemens Nixdorf: Monitor
    Apple: iMac
    SanDisk: 4GB storage
    Nikon: Battery
    Sony: On browser in iMac
    Google: In full-size view I can see the Chrome icon on the dock :-)

  3. Home Office[http://www.flickr.com/photos/qmacro]

    Wow, not bad – _I_ hadn’t even seen the Sony camcorder on the Amazon page in the browser, and you both got Nixdorf right (although it’s just a pen stand in the form of a monitor ;) ).

    There’s still one missing, and you both got the memory card wrong ;)

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