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Home Office (incl. weekend quiz)

This picture features 6 IT companies (one probably only identifiable by insiders) and one photography company.

Can you identify them all? Go to the Flickr image and add your guesses through notes.

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  1. Home OfficeSehen meine müden Augen da hinten ein Monitor von Nixdorf?
    Du müsstest Dir mal ne Kamera zulegen, die schärfere Bilder macht :-)
    Oder nicht immer so ein Kit-Objektiv drauf schrauben…. oder scharf stellen…..

    Oder mir beim Suchen nach meiner Brille helfen …..

  2. Home OfficeOk, here’s my guess:

    IBM/Lenovo: Laptop
    SAP: ‘This belongs to SAP’ sticker on laptop
    HP: Calculator
    Siemens Nixdorf: Monitor
    Apple: iMac
    SanDisk: 4GB storage
    Nikon: Battery
    Sony: On browser in iMac
    Google: In full-size view I can see the Chrome icon on the dock :-)

  3. Home Office[]

    Wow, not bad – _I_ hadn’t even seen the Sony camcorder on the Amazon page in the browser, and you both got Nixdorf right (although it’s just a pen stand in the form of a monitor ;) ).

    There’s still one missing, and you both got the memory card wrong ;)