Aliph Jawbone headset – broken by design

Today my new Aliph Jawbone bluetooth headset – the “highest rated bluetooth headset ever” arrived in the mail. When I had read people complain about the charging port I thought it might just be fiddly.

Little did I know- this is what it looked like, right out of the box:

Aliph Jawbone: Broken by design

Why do I not see an open outcry on the web about this, how can this headset be as highly rated as it is?

6 thoughts on “Aliph Jawbone headset – broken by design

  1. Exactly the same thing happened to me this morning.

    I pulled the charger off the end, and that curved end-cap came off with it.
    I’ve secured mine with a little blob of glue at either side of the cap.

    If only Aliph had put a little less effort into designing the packaging, and more into build quality.

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