The mobile web sucks?

Scott Karb says so, and gets Russell into rant mode:

“Really, if someone wants to write a blog post with an inflammatory title like, “mobile web sucks”, then they really should have a fucking clue what they’re talking about first. I can talk quite intelligently about the things that suck about Web 2.0 sites, and modern web publishing, I expect the same sort of intelligence when criticizing the stuff I do for a living. That’s fair, no?”

Good to see Russ come back to what he was before his blogging hiatus ;)

From where I stand, the mobile web is not too useful, but for completely different reasons:

  • I primarily use my company phone with a dual SIM (i.e. business and private number on one SIM), and there is not flat rate data plan. If I wanted to use the mobile web properly, I’d have to carry a second phone which I’m not willing to do right now
  • Screen size doesn’t matter that much to me, but being able to type does. Small keyboards limit the amount of stuff I’m willing to do on a mobile. For checking mail and Twittering / IMing it’s fine, but anything else is too much of a hassle
  • As long as I don’t have an iPhone, formatting on mobile devices leaves a lot to be desired. Checking GMail on my Nokia S40 phone requires me to scroll for about 5 seconds before I get to the information. Read my post on mobile GMail for more details.

I can see where the criticism comes from, but if you want to have a great mobile web experience, there are definitely ways.

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