5 things

you don’t know about me (that’s easy, but it seems you have to find stuff you’re ashamed of ;) ). Matthew tagged me.

Here goes:

  • The one record I have played more often than any other of the 900 CDs I own is An Evening With John Denver. I’ve had it ever since I was 12 years old, on cassette, album and CD.
  • Our oldest daughter Mara (5) is named after a Runrig CD title
  • My first “computer” was a Texas Instruments TI-57. Matthew and I used to do programming contests for stuff from maths class.
  • I did not make an incredible amount of money with stock options during the bubble in 1999 because my employer went bust a few months before the options were due. I have a huge faible for big prosperous companies ever since ;)
  • I’m forever stuck in the 80s and damn happy with that.

Ok, who’s next? I’m tagging Christian, Thomas and Holger (two of which need to blog WAY more often anyway…).

(Oh, from David Weinberger: “3. I’ve played almost every first person shooter there is. My player name is “Target,” which gives you an idea how good I am.”)


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