Skype doesn’t want my money

Skype doesn't want my money

I just tried pushing up my SkypeOut credits, just in case (I’ll be travelling a bit soon, so that may come handy), and Skype tells me they don’t want my money.

FYI, my balance is roughly 16 euros….

6 thoughts on “Skype doesn’t want my money

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  3. I got the same message from Skype. In the USA, it is $10USD. I believe the reason is because if you do not use the money, after 6 months, you loose it. And it takes a lot of talking to burn off that money.

  4. sorry guys – this is a message that first-time users are seeing. as it says, you need to spend some money before you can buy more. this is a one-time thing only and in the future you can top up more. we had to implement this for first-time users because of fraud-fighting reasons.

  5. Jaanus1: I am glad to see your comment. Even though I enjoy Skype, I am concerned that there is no visible plan for revenue growth. 100 million users with minimal revenue is a worry. Of course, the pocket change that E-Bay handed over will help keep them running for quite a while.

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