Darla: Orgasm ringtone

Now here‘s a new meme in the making:

“This morning, along with coffee, I came across this as I read through Bloglines. Just a thought… why buy orgasm ringtones? Wouldn’t it be much more fun making them yourself?”

OK Darla – let’s hear it for the boys ;)

Quoting Darla from a few minutes ago: “ok ill put it like this… if i get requests on my blog for a tone then ill put one up”

You’ve heard her… now it’s your turn, dear readers.

The father of the Mac is dead

I just learned that Jef Raskin dies the day before yesterday. How sad. More than just being the father of the Macintosh, he was probably doing the most advanced kind of work on how computers should be easier to use – a real visionary.

Makes you wonder if the world should put a bigger percentage of those defense budgets into cancer research – just declare it a terrorist attack on the population, that should make it compatible with todays thinking. Sure kills more people than terrorists ever could.

The case for instant messaging

I often get into discussions about IM, and most people say something along the lines of “that’s for kids, right?”, “but we have email already” or “why would I use that?”, and I think I have an answer.

I have posted a request on a bulletin board this morning, and I start getting responses. This means I get an email that there’s a new article in my thread, I then open the URL in the browser, scroll down and check if this relates to my question. I then may type an answer, waiting for the next email to notify me of repsonses.

And this goes on and on, until the problem is solved.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just click ans switch to IM for this? Ideally this wouldn’t even need a special type IM client, but relay to some web based system.