Thank you, Ephraim

– For introducing me to satire and irony as a kid

– For many fun hours spent reading your books

– For making watching chess games so much more entertaining

Rest in peace, Ephraim Kishon. Hope you’re enjoying some jewish poker with your friend Jossele.

Don’t thieves have *any* decency???

I’m soo mad – today my wife took our oldest daughter Mara (3) to the swimming pool. Ouside it’s snowing, minus 2 degrees. In order not to make the lockers too dirty, she put all the shoes on the floor next to the locker, as everyone else did.

When they came back after two hours, Mara’s winter boots had been stolen.

OK, so the person had enough money to go for a swim but then needed to steal a 3 year old’s boots (which cost about 5 Euro)???

How bad has the world become if you steal a kid’s winter boots? It’s not about the money – but that lack of decency simply is disgusting. Hope the guy slipped on the snow outside and broke his leg…

SONY: DRM is bad for business

(Via Steve:) Sony is the first big enterntainment company that has its coming out:

TOKYO – Sony missed out on potential sales from MP3 players and other gadgets because it was overly proprietary about music and entertainment content, the head of Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE – news) (news – web sites).’s video-game unit acknowledged Thursday.“>

Ok, who’s next? If Sony can admit that, you can, too. And we can finally move on to REALLY doing business with digital content.

Zen Micro firmware wish list

I’m quite happy with the Zen Micro MP3 player, but being the nagging bastard that I am, here’s what I think might come handy in a later version of the firmware:

  • USB drive mode: I don’t know if it’s just me – while the new firmware is supposed to let me mount the Zen’s hard drive as a USB drive without additional drivers, I can’t get this to work. Or has this been marketing doublespeak and only refers to the designated storage that you can reserve for non MP3 stuff – is there no way to mount the whole drive???
  • Audio file types: This is probably something that needs to be addressed by desktop apps like iTunes and WMP10: I would like to be able to differentiate and/or filter between music and other audio content like podcasts or audiobooks. This is needed if I want to shuffle just among my music files, for example
  • Automatic bookmarking: I came across this when I accidentally hit “stop” in the middle of a podcast. Wouldn’t it be nice if, whenever you do something like that, the player automatically bookmarks the time you left listening mode and lets you return to it later? Maybe these bookmarks could even e stored in the comments part of the file’s ID3 tags??
  • Last listened to: It would also be nice when the file has last been *completely* listened to. See above
  • Caching: I was astonished to find out that I often have to wait a few seconds when moving between playlists, obviously because the hard drive has to start spinning again. PLEASE – this is soooo 80s – I’m sure someone can come up with a clever caching algorithm to make this smoother for the user.
  • History: This would be an additional menu item in the “DJ” menu: let me see the 50 files most recently listened to. This is much more useful (to me at least) than the files I have played most.

This is it for now, all in all I’m pretty happy with the Zen Micro. A leather case would have been nice, though. There doesn’t even seem to be one by third party vendors.