Mobile Advent Calendar

This is probably the time when we all (well, at least the ones with kids) really should be done shopping for advent calendars, if you don’t want to get the ones everyone else left behind.

This made me think: has anyone seen a mobile advent calendar? Like, pay $5, enter the phone number of the recipient, and receive a daily mobile thingy – a background picture, a christmassy ringtone, a short xmas related video MMS.

Wouldn’t that be something you all knew who to send it to? Are there operators or service providers that offer something like this?

Update 2004-12-01: Russell has found a UK one.


Russell probably has the best explanation why Apple might be a mobile phone maker soon:

“The psychology part is this: Steve Jobs has a mobile phone. I’m not sure which mobile phone it is, but he’s definltely got one. And he hates it. He curses at it every day. He hates it like he hated the original IBM PC. He hates how hard it is to add contacts and make calls and he cringes at the web experience and the Java games, if he’s even bothered to try them. He holds it in his hand during long trips and admires some things about it, but knows *he could do it better.* He knows that if Apple decided to make a mobile phone, it would be the most intuitive and elegant mobile phone in the world. And he wants that phone. And what Steve Jobs wants, Steve Jobs gets. Not much to argue here.”

That probably was the reason for most of the Apple successes in the last few years, so I’d much rather believe this than any prototype sightings or “insider” rumours…

Podcasting: what’s new?

I’m using iPodder to fetch my podcasts, and it works nicely with iTunes. One thing that’s missing though is the ability to tell which podcasts are new. iPodder puts everything into separate playlists, and I have written about the problems with ID3 tags recently.

So, here is a suggestions: why can’t iPodder create one more playlist that serves as a kind of log for retrieved files? Name it “iPodder downloads”, and link the files in there, too.

It would also be nice to have iPodder set the ID3 tags in the process – define a naming scheme in each feed properties tab, and there are your perfect tags. Variables could include the original date and time, retrieval date and time, feed title, file name etc.. The text variables could be trimmed down to a certain number of chars, so you could do stuff like “20041126 ITC Human Nature” for one of the latest IT Conversations, for example.

If the feed creators can’t come up with decent tagging schemes (and it’s unlikely that they’ll all subdue to the same scheme, about as unlikely that this scheme would appeal to all listeners), the aggregator is probably the best way to fix this.

So, what’s the first aggregator to come up with a flexible way to re-write and re-map ID3 tags in podcasts?

IRC ops going wild

If you ever come to #mobitopia, watch your steps – we do have a bunch of wild ops there…

> freeside was booted from #mobitopia by gustaf (Kicked by gustaf)
> Netminder gustaf, you ok?
> FrankK_ huh?
> gustaf he was interfering w/ the autocompletion of “Frank”…


Business opportunity for email providers: IMAP proxy for mobile access

If have been staying off mobile email up to now, for a number of reasons: downloading 500 emails per day is going to be insanely slow, and incredibly expensive. Given that 98 percent of the data is going to be spam anyway, this has not been an option.

I have an email database of roughly 20 gigabytes, collected over the years, so moving that to any email provider is not an option.

Here’s what I’d like to do: have an email service provider collect mail from my accounts, omit the SPAM, and let me access this via IMAP.

OK, so far that’s not impossible. Companies like offer that kind of service.

BUT: I don’t need this every day. Usually I do have access to my email from a desktop or notebook connected to a fast line. I only need that for times that I spend on the road with no access to a decent internet connection. This means that I don’t want my email to accumulate at the service provider. What I’d like to see is an option to have emails older than x days in my inbox automatically deleted, with x being configurable depending on the length of my trips.

Is there any email provider out there doing that already? And no, I don’t want to run that myself. I have no problem paying a fee for this.