Wie wird man diesen Yahoo Groups Spam los???

Diese Art EMail kriege ich in letzter Zeit häufiger. Na klar kann ich dann unsubscriben (ein Prozess der jedesmal einige Minuten dauert) und sogar noch eine Abuse-Meldung an Yahoo schicken, was aber ausser Arbeit auch keinen Mehrwert bringt.

Wieso kann man bei Yahoo eigentlich willkürlich EMail Adressen in Gruppen einladen? Ich weiss nicht was das Ziel ist – ich kann nur vermuten dass man auf diese Weise an einen Verteiler für Werbung kommt, der von Spam Filtern nicht erkannt wird (schliesslich will man ja emails von seinen Gruppen zulassen).

Die Privacy Settings geben leider nichts her:

Ich würde erwarten dass Yahoo das unterbindet – wie ist eure Erfahrung damit? Habt ihr eine Idee wie man das loswird?

Yahoo is toast

From http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/080515/nyth088.html (funny they have to report that on their own site ;) ):

“It is clear to me that the board of directors of Yahoo has acted irrationally and lost the faith of shareholders and Microsoft. It is quite obvious that Microsoft’s bid of $33 per share is a superior alternative to Yahoo’s prospects on a standalone basis. I am perplexed by the board’s actions. It is irresponsible to hide behind management’s more than overly optimistic financial forecasts. It is unconscionable that you have not allowed your shareholders to choose to accept an offer that represented a 72% premium over Yahoo’s closing price of $19.18 on the day before the initial Microsoft offer. I and many of your shareholders strongly believe that a combination between Yahoo and Microsoft would form a dynamic company and more importantly would be a force strong enough to compete with Google on the Internet.

During the past week, a number of shareholders have asked me to lead a proxy fight to attempt to remove the current board and to establish a new board which would attempt to negotiate a successful merger with Microsoft, something that in my opinion the current board has completely botched. I believe that a combination between Microsoft and Yahoo is by far the most sensible path for both companies. I have therefore taken the following actions: (1) during the last 10 days, I have purchased approximately 59 million shares and share-equivalents of Yahoo; (2) I have formed a 10-person slate which will stand for election against the current board; and (3) I have sought antitrust clearance from the Federal Trade Commission to acquire up to approximately $2.5 billion worth of Yahoo stock. The biographies of the members of our slate are attached to this letter. A more formal notification is being delivered today to Yahoo under separate cover.”

Bye bye, RIAA

Dear RIAA,

the times they are a-changing (is this a copyright infringement already?)

In the last months, a lot has happened:

In response to all that, music downloads have grown by almost 40 percent.

And all you can do is sue single moms?


New GMail Mobile version

Markus writes about a new version of http://m.gmail.com for mobile devices.

Unfortunately, the mobile version of mail in for hosted accounts (GAFYD) has not been updated. So, not only do Google Apps users not get the J2ME app, they also don’t get the new mobile html version.

Guys, I’m not sure I’m willing to take this a lot longer. If Yahoo decides to let me send emails with my own domain as a sender, I’m gone.

UPDATE 2007-10-12: Scott Hanselman has a solution!