Speculation: New iPod Nano at WWDC?

Well, it’s not like I’d have any sources telling me that, it’s just that the market has been funny over the last few weeks:

– iPod Nano discounts were being offered in most major electronics stores around here

– the 16 GB iPod Nano is sold out in many places, and the girl in the store told me “Apple won’t send us any new ones”

Apple’s refurbished iPod section suddenly has the iPod Nano, previous *and* current generation, in all colors readily available

The iPod Nano has always been my favourite model – I really really would like to see them come out with a 32 GB or even a 64 GB model…

What do you think? Likely or not?

Safari for Windows

So last nights’ big surprise, a.k.a. “one more thing”, was Safari for Windows (beta).

I can’t say I get that. It can’t be about the browser war. Looks like Steve has something up his sleeve that builds on Safari, so he needs to make it available as widely as possible. Markus calls the iPhone a “sandbox for Safari applications” – the Windows beta might be an indication that he’s right. Alex has more thoughts on this.

Dave thinks it may be a new attack vector for hackers – that’s a valid point. UPDATE: 0day exploit in less than 2 hours!

The actual beta doesn’t work too well on my PC: