FixTunes – Fix your iTunes MP3 tags automatically

If you have a huge collection of MP3s on your hard drive, chances are not all MP3 tags are accurate, and you will not have album covers for most of the songs. When you’re using an iPod, this is a PITA and does not exactly add to the experience.

I recently found a small program called FixTunes that might help remedy those issues. I had already tried and bought TuneUp last year, but it was incredibly slow and introduced many wrong covers into my songs.


I first tried FixTunes in manual mode to make sure that didn’t happen again. I was really surprised how accurate the program works. The thing that won me over was that FixTunes allows you to set a percentage of accuracy, so that it will make sure you only change songs where it can accurately determine the data.

There’s only one thing I would like to do: give me an option that makes sure that covers and album titles are only picked from the original albums, not from collections or “best of” albums.

Loving it so far – it’s just going over my full library ;)