Getting out of Klout

You may have heard of or used Klout, a service that claims to calculate your “Social Media Score” or “Influence”. Well, they sure appeal to your vanity – we all want to be recognized as influencers, don’t we?

Unfortunately Klout is a privacy desaster – they harvest you’re data even if you’re not a member, and do A LOT of very very weird things – read GigaOM and Charles Stross for more details.

They also make it extra hard to leave – fortunatelty Martijn has a detailed post on how to do that exactly – go there NOW.

Want to see something really weird? Look what you need to do to make them stop looking at your tweets:

So they need to SEE WHO I FOLLOW in order to delete my data?


Don’t forget to remove those Twitter and Facebook application authorizations!

Your ERP is on Twitter now!

Wow, things are happening fast in social enterprise country…. here I was rambling about how nice it would be to integrate Twitter into a SAP ERP system, meanwhile there are obviously people working on that already.

SAP’s social media expert Steve Mann reports from SAP’s recent Business Suite launch event:

“What we’ve done is integrate conversations into enterprise processes so that they are actionable on behalf of the enterprise. These take 2 forms. Conversation -> Process integration and Process -> Conversation.

A good example of Conversation -> Process integration was demonstrated yesterday briefly but to elaborate, by pulling Tweets into the SAP Business Suite and applying a sentiment engine to those tweets, a customer service rep can make those conversations actionable by identifying and emerging customer or brand issue. Someone may be complaining about your product or service. With Sentiment analysis not only can an organization proactively address a looming customer crisis but they can initate corporate processes such as raising a Customer Service Ticket to initiate a problem resolution process.


Going the other way, a super example of Process->conversation integration is the deployment of Marketing Campaigns using Social Channels. Using Business Suite functionality, users can now design and deploy marketing campaigns which can execute over a variety of social environments, including Twitter.”

Markets really are conversations now!

But wait, there’s more: Uwe Fetzer has made his ABAP Twitter client available for download today!

Can’t wait to see where this may be going…