Wanted: Supermarkets for men

I am with a client in the retail business this week, which is a great opportunity for my wife to email me a daily shopping list, as there is a huge supermarket on the premises.

Am I the only guy who enters a supermarket and immediately thinks “too much choice!”?

It took me 10 minutes to decide which brand of cherry marmelade to take. I’d be perfectly happy with one of each.

Maybe we can create a supermarket chain for men, where they can vote online which products should be included. A maximum of two choices per item wpuld be acceptable. Brands would have to compete to be in.

Isn’t that a dream for men and marketers alike…?

The Scoble’s destroy german jobs

Or do they?

Maryam, Scoble’s wife, complains:

“The weirdest thing so far? The shops in all three different cities are closed on Sundays. Some are closed on Monday too. And most of them take lunch breaks and are closed between 12:30 and 2:30. So basically if you need to buy something you better go out between 9-12:30 or 2:30-5, Tuesday through Saturday or you are SOL :)”

Well, at least it made your husband happy ;)

Closing times in germany is something I have never understood. Germans claim that opening shops on sundays or around the clock will not help the economy as it will not increase the amount of money people have left to go shopping, but will make it harder for shop owners to compete with BigCos. OTOH, arriving at Frankfurt airport at 9pm and not being able to shop is a bit strange.

Recent changes in law have allowed shops to open until 10 pm, but adoption is still rather scarce. I guess that will change over time, and probably lead to the insight that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to micro manage this with new laws and let shop owners pick the times they want to open themselves. I sure hope so. Until then, it’s late night shopping at the gas station for me.