Scoble vs. Data Privacy

I thought everything that ought to be said about the Scobleizer beeing kicked off Facebook had already been said, but you can always count on Thomas to go the extra mile.

Thomas looks at the issue through the eyes of a data privacy expert (is that thesis EVER going to be finished???), and I won’t even try to start quoting from the article, as I’d almost certainly leave out something important.

So what are you waiting for – stop reading my crap and head over to the article!

Also, Dennis has two posts on the topic – well worth a read. This might be bigger than all us Web2.0 afficionados thought.

On a related note, Thomas is going to leave SAP for Gartner, and he’ll be leaving behind some big boots to fill. With Jeff leaving last year, we have now lost two of SAP’s great voices in the blogosphere, which is a crying shame. I just hope we’ll be able to get enough new colleagues to start blogging (or twittering, for that matter) to fill that void.
Best of luck to you, Thomas, and stay connected!

Scoble leaves Microsoft for Podtech

OK, this was probably hard to miss as it generated more buzz than Google’s Spreadsheet.

Vinnie has a nice summary, and some analysis.

If you think about it, this was bound to happen. From where I stand, Scoble never appeared to be a Microsoft employee in the first place, more like a hired blogger. Going to Microsoft pushed his brand way over the top, and now he doesn’t need them anymore.

Whatever he does now will be interesting to watch.

Go, Scobleizer!