European Identity Conference – Day 1

OK, back in the hotel after the first day of this years European Identity Conference in Munich.


My colleagues have a booth on the ground floor presenting SAP’s Compliant Identity Management solution.
This year, I’d say conference attendance is a lot higher than last year. That would also correlate with our experience that Identity Management is getting traction in the market; we’re seeing a lot of interest from customers.


The keynote presentations were reasonably good, I’d count Kim Cameron and Dave Kearns as the most interesting ones, as they are very much forward thinking and not directly product related (at least not with a commercial interest). They also had lots of quotable stuff for my own presentations ;)


Back on the expo floor, I had two interesting encounters.

Next to the bar, a company called “SecurIT” had a batch of Pokens on the counter, and they were nice enough to give me one! A Poken is a small USB device that links to a profile that you can link all your social network identities to. When you meet someone who also has a Poken, you hold the two together as a kind of handshake and your Poken profiles are being exchanged. Let’s see if I can find someone else who has one….

The conference material also had a voucher for another small identification device called the “YubiKey“. This one blew me away – it acts as a USB HID (human interface device) and on the press of a button, it emits a 40 character generated password. That again links to a server that you can implement for your infrastructure which will verify your authentication. The company is called “yubico” and originates from Sweden. Their web site has a free SDK and offers many implementation paths. Integration into SAP Netweaver should be pretty straightforward, maybe that might be an option for some customers. If you’re an SAP developer interested in playing with it, let me know.

All in all, a very exciting day. I met lots of people, and I’m looking forward to networking even more over the next days – after all that’s the best part of taking part in a conference.

The Twitter backchannel is quite active, the hashtag is “#eic”. Let’s see how that develops over the next few days.

European Identity Conference 2009 – May 5th to May 8th


I’ll be spending the rest of this week visiting European Identity Conference 2009 in Munich. I was there last year, and it’s an event worth visiting – a diverse set of great personalities in the identity space, and a perfect opportunity for networking.

I’ll be blogging and twittering (use hashtag “#eic2009”) here, and you can follow more information about the event on EventTrack.


See you there!

Tracking SAP on Twitter

About 80 percent of my Twitter contacts are probably SAP related. It’s a fantastic group of people, and I get a lot of information (and much more than just that!) out of belonging to that group.

Here’s a fantastic video by showing how to track SAP conversations on Twitter (Oh, Jon: it’s not just Mentors on this list… ;) ):

And this is the URL to Oliver‘s SAP Affinity Group:

Oh, and seeing DJ mention a book: this is the one I’m reading right now, and which I’d like to recommend:

Not so sure about the other book they say I should also buy, though ;)


Your ERP is on Twitter now!

Wow, things are happening fast in social enterprise country…. here I was rambling about how nice it would be to integrate Twitter into a SAP ERP system, meanwhile there are obviously people working on that already.

SAP’s social media expert Steve Mann reports from SAP’s recent Business Suite launch event:

“What we’ve done is integrate conversations into enterprise processes so that they are actionable on behalf of the enterprise. These take 2 forms. Conversation -> Process integration and Process -> Conversation.

A good example of Conversation -> Process integration was demonstrated yesterday briefly but to elaborate, by pulling Tweets into the SAP Business Suite and applying a sentiment engine to those tweets, a customer service rep can make those conversations actionable by identifying and emerging customer or brand issue. Someone may be complaining about your product or service. With Sentiment analysis not only can an organization proactively address a looming customer crisis but they can initate corporate processes such as raising a Customer Service Ticket to initiate a problem resolution process.


Going the other way, a super example of Process->conversation integration is the deployment of Marketing Campaigns using Social Channels. Using Business Suite functionality, users can now design and deploy marketing campaigns which can execute over a variety of social environments, including Twitter.”

Markets really are conversations now!

But wait, there’s more: Uwe Fetzer has made his ABAP Twitter client available for download today!

Can’t wait to see where this may be going…