Larry Ellison: “That’s really depressing”

Ed Zander: “Did you know you had a Larry Ellison Fanclub on Facebook? There’s 181 members”

Larry Ellison: “181?”

Ed Zander: “That’s it.”

Larry Ellison: “We have 105.000 employees after the SUN acquisition! … That’s really depressing.”

OK, I’m sure there’s more substantial stuuf in there, so take your time and watch the discussion. Well worth it.

AppExchange-ing Ideas with the Irregulars…

The Irregulars are a group of bloggers that met and bonded on this years SAPPHIRE and continue to collaborate on enterprise blogging. There is a meta-blog on CrispyNews.

This post is about a discussion on’s AppExchange. Interesting read. SF is quickly building an SaaS ecosystem here.