Thomson D100E512 MP3 Player, Philips Streamium WAC5

On my usual stroll through the electronics store on the way home I was pleased to see they have another clearance sale going.


The first thing I got was two (…) Thomson D100E512 portable MP3 players. They have a built-in FM radio, USB host and slave connectors, SD card slot and 512 MB built-in memory. No moving parts at all, so I thought this might be something the kids wouldn’t break so fast. Or something for dad to play… Whatever.

I’m pleasantly surprised – great sound, mounts as a USB disk without any fuss, fast USB 2.0 transfer – I like it. At EUR 30, nothing to miss.


Then I saw something I had been looking at for a few months. The Philips Streamium WAC5 is a hard disk MP3 player, meant to share its music wirelessly to satellite systems. It has a built-in 80 Gig hard disk, Ethernet, WiFi, Remote Control with display, and an iPod like user interface.

I’m not sure yet what to do with it, but at EUR 111, nothing I could walk past without buying it.

Unfortunately I can’t find out a lot about it on the net. The package is still sealed, I won’t have time to play with it before we go on holiday. If anyone can come forward with experiences or hacks for the system, I’d appreciate it.