Using the Samsung ML-1610 GDI printer with MacOS X

My mother just got (on my recommendation, as I own the ML-1210) a Samsung ML-1610 USB GDI printer.

GDI usually means that it will only work on Windows, but I got the ML-1210 working on a Mac, so I told her to get the ML-1610, thinking that it would be an easy job.

I got a bit worried when I read – after she had ordered it – that people just couldn’t get it to work, supposedly because it had a new kind of printer language called SPL2.

On other sites I read that it ran on Linux, so it had to be possible somehow. Lo and behold, it was as easy as I expected: go get ESP Postscript and the Samsung GDI driver from and install the two. Go add a USB printer in the OSX print center, hold the option key to get to the “Advanced Options” and add a “Samsung” printer, chose the ML-1210 driver and you’re done.

Easy, wasn’t it? Just writing it down here to help somebody else who might be looking for it…

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