Phone manufacturers get Mini USB religion

About time, huh?

“We’re speeding up the inevitable,” Allott added, pointing out that the Chinese government has also recently mandated micro-USB as the future national standard for phone chargers. “OMTP itself has no power to do anything, but by making that statement that includes our membership–representing about 85 percent of the GSM market–we are making a strong public statement that, as an industry, this is the way we want to go.”

China Demands Standardized Cell Phone Chargers


“Thanks to a move by China, multi-adapter phone chargers might be obsolete in the near future.

The country is demanding that its cell phone manufacturers switch to a standard input for recharging batteries in mobile handsets. It would be something similar to a USB port and would reduce electronic waste, since you wouldn’t be throwing out a charger every time you bought a new phone. “

Less dongly things – gooood. More dongly things – baaaaad.