Are you using a battery grip on your DSLR?

In this video, Jared tests the Nikon MB-D11 battery grip for the D7000.

Nikon MB-D11 hands on Nikon D7000

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I’ve tried a grip on my D90 and my D300, but I always returned to no grip. While shooting with a grip is great, there are two issues I have with those grips: they make the camera so big that it’s a lot harder to find a good bag to carry the camera, and in the case of the MB-D11/MB-D10 you even have to take the grip off to recharge the battery in the camera.

I also think camera manufacturers are not making use of all the opportunities in camera grips yet.

– Why not have a grip with a built-in LiPolymer battery that charges with a small USB charger?

– Why are there no grips with extra slots for memory cards?

– Why is there no grip with built-in GPS?

– Why is there no grip with built-in WiFi, bluetooth or 3G?

I mean, there’s so much empty space in a battery grip – where’s the innovation?

UPDATE 2011-02-07: There is a third party grip for the D300 with a car charger – has anybody tried that?